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Handcrafted Embroidered Pincushions

Handcrafted Embroidered Pincushions



These hand-crafted embroidered pincushions are indeed works of art by Quicnce Fables. Choose from SEVEN beautifully crafted cushions. Light, airy, and sooo pretty. They may look dainty, but they are STURDY. They will surely draw attention at retreats or add a smile to your face in your sewing corner. It would be wonderful to receive one of these sweet gems for a GIFT!   These would pair nicely with one of our hand-crafted NOTIONS tins.



  • The round pumpkin form pincushions are approximately 4" in diameter.
  • The square "Primrose Lane" pincushion is about 3.5" across.
  • "Rosy Posies" is 3" X 4" in size.
  • "Sunny Bouquet" is 3" X 4.5" in size.
  • "Pink Lady" is 5.5 X 6" in size.
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