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  • How soon will I get my order?
    We usually send your order the same day you purchase (Monday - Saturday). Providing the US postal service is running smoothly (non-holiday), it usually takes two to five days to get your order depending on how far away you live from Vermont. Please note: The USPS and UPS are sporadically running slower due to a large volume of online shopping due to COVID. Please understand we cannot hurry the postal system. We have no affiliation with it. Once your order leaves us, we have no control of its speed coming to you. We will provide you with a TRACKING number that we will send to the email address you give us when you place your order. We will even send you another email when your order reaches your mailbox.
  • How much is shipping?
    Our patterns are available in select shops throughout the country. However, we realize not everyone lives near these shops. We do our best to keep our shipping costs low and fair. Order price and weight factor into your shipping costs in such a way, the more you order the more advantageous the ratio becomes for your shipping charge. We always send you a TRACKING NUMBER and an email when your order arrives in your mailbox. Large orders will ship fast through Priority Mail.
  • What will I get when I order a pattern(s)?
    You will receive the following in a resealable crystal clear plastic bag: • a clear color cover photo • a full-size design sheet, clearly labeled • "Helpful Hints" to get you started • easy to follow, user-friendly instructions • a materials list • full-size template pieces sheets (in reverse for your fusible web or freezer paper), also clearly labeled
  • How do I select wool and how should I process it?
    Our wool sources are from around New England, New York and the midwest. I am so lucky to live near Dorr Mill Woolen Store. When selecting wool, you want to look for 100% woven wool that feels light to the touch, NOT dense or too coarse. You should try and stay away from a loose weave or plaids/big patterns. They tend to unravel and fray easily when stitching. The success in the wool for appliqué is how you felt it (full/wash it) at home. Toss your wool into your washing machine set to HOT water on the LONGEST cleaning/agitation setting. You want longevity of agitation which will felt your wool to fluffiness. Then, throw your wool into your dryer with some dryer balls to continue the agitation of the felting process (an old pair of jeans work as well). If you purchase a kit from Jerome Thomas Designs, we have already felted your wool for you.
  • What are your wool kits like?
    All our wool kits include fully washed, felted, and steamed best quality wool. Some kits include our own hand-dyed wool. Each wool piece is cut to the measurement specified in the Materials List. Once you get your wool kit, you are good to get tracing and stitching. We label each wool piece to leave out the guesswork. Pattern sold separately but often sold as a duo option for a bit of savings.
  • What floss/thread should I use?    What needle is best?
    Which thread/floss should one use? Use whatever thread or floss that suits your aesthetic. I usually stitch all my pieces down with TWO strands of floss that comes in SIX strands (DMC). I like the look, unlimited colors/hues, easy availability, and the cost. My embellishment stitches are either floss or a size 8 or 12 (Valdani) thread. I like wool thread, but its price, lack of availability, and limited color ranges make it a challenge to use. What needle is best? Well, like thread/floss, that is up to the stitcher. I use Jeana Kimball’s Foxglove Cottage line. They are sharp, have an elongated eye, and work best for my hand. I recommend sizes 7 - 11. I generally use size 8. We sell them HERE in our shop. We also offer a Needle Sampler so you can try which works best for you. You can click this LINK to check it out. These are my preferences. You may find yours are different. That is okay. That is the wonderfulness of the art form. Experiment. Have fun!
  • Do you sell wholesale to shop owners?
    Yes, we welcome wholesale orders, providing you have a resale ID number. We love doing business with shop owners. Let us know how we can help. Click HERE to start the process.
  • Why do you sometimes layer your wool pieces?
    There are TWO reasons for this. 1. One of my pet peeves when layering a piece on top of another is seeing the EDGE LINE showing through a top piece from the UNDER piece. Why not add a little extra wool to the under piece to eliminate the edge line? It is an artistic preference. 2. This layering treatment gives a more three-dimensional effect.
  • Are patterns available in PDF format?
    We do not sell in PDF format for two reasons: First, we love the shops and shop owners we sell to. We want to honor our partnership with them, so we will not sell our patterns for less than what they offer in their stores. Second, our patterns are on large sheets of paper that most standard home printers cannot print. We use large sheets of paper so there is less gluing and piecing of sheets together on your end, thus, keeping the process as user-friendly as possible.
  • Do you accept returns?
    Due to the nature of the product (paper), we do not accept returns or refunds.
  • What are the finished dimensions of each pattern/design.
    The dimensions are stated on the description of each design on our website.
  • What if I have a question not stated here?
    We welcome any and all questions so that you will be happy and confident with your purchase. Please EMAIL us and we will get back to you shortly.
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