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Mystery Bundles - Our BIGGEST Bundle

Mystery Bundles - Our BIGGEST Bundle



Everyone LOVES a good mystery!  What will your "Mystery Bundle" hold? Each 9" X 12" bag is filled with a variety of our beautifully felted wools. We steamed, trimmed them neatly, and removed the selvage for you. Each ample piece is a different size and will be neatly folded and placed in its bag.  You will get an array of wools in each pack; no repeats in a bag. You will get seven or more pieces. Some bags may include our hand-dyed wool.  They are READY for your future projects!


Yes, there is some mystery and excitement involved, making this is a perfect economic STASH BUILDER. The bundles are premade, and we cannot take custom orders or requests.  If you order more than one bundle at a time, we will do our best to ensure your wools do not repeat between bags.


Do you need a notion, threads, fusibles, or some of our highly-fragrant Lavender Sachets (3 per set) to keep wools fresh and protected?  Click HERE fore our NOTIONS department.

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