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17" X 24" Heat N Bond - Featherlite ~ Fusible Webbing

17" X 24" Heat N Bond - Featherlite ~ Fusible Webbing

Heat N Bond - Featherlite is a new favorite fusible here at JTD.  It has the same excellent adhesion of the regular Heat N Bond - Lite, plus the smooth tracing ability of SoftFuse Premium.   


Heat N Bond - Featherlite  allows you to make precision pieces and helps to stabilize your wool so it is less likely to fray around the edges.  It holds your pieces while you stitch. Its smooth paper surface makes it a breeze to trace and cut out. 


                            It's as EASY as 1-2-3!

1.  Trace your template onto the see-through Heat N Bond - Featherlite paper surface.  

2.  Place your template onto your wool and iron.  Cut out your piece.

3.  Peel off the backing and iron it onto your background.  Stitch and done!


No slipping so you can concentrate on your stitching.  A time saver.


You will get a 17" X 24" piece.  The best more GUMMY needles.


For a more economical fusible web, try Heat N Bond - Lite and SoftFuse Premium.  Click HERE.

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