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Karen Kay Buckley - Green - Perfect Scissors™ - 4"

Karen Kay Buckley - Green - Perfect Scissors™ - 4"

I’m going to be honest, I don’t use these 4 inch-Perfect Scissors™ as often as the other scissors.  However, I find them a luxury…a luxury I now depend upon!  I use them for every project.  That is why I bring them to you.


I nicknamed them “The Hummingbird” Scissors because of their short, narrow, pointy blades…like the beak of a little hummingbird.  I use the scissors to cut precise inside angles…but more importantly, these are EXCELLENT for cutting out the insides of circles and loops.  Their narrow stature can get in tight spaces where other scissors cannot.   Yes, they are a luxury to have, but like my dad used to say,  “You have to have the right tools for the right job”.  Like the beak of a hummingbird, these scissors can get into narrow spaces, like no other.


These scissors have one micro-serrated blade and one regular blade.  I mention this because, when cutting, your fabric is pulled into the blade and NOT away (like some scissors)…making for more exact cutting.


These scissors are perfect for all-size hands.  Your scissors will come with a protective cover making them safe to carry between classes or on road trips.  You’ll wonder how you ever appliquéd without them.


Jerome Thomas Designs exclusively uses Karen Kay Buckley's “Perfect Scissors™”.  We love the quality, weight, ergonomic handles, and price.  Perfect for both LEFT and Right-handed folks.

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