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Karen Kay Buckley - Perfect Curved Scissors™

Karen Kay Buckley - Perfect Curved Scissors™

I love these Perfect Curved Scissors™ for a variety of reasons.  They are “perfect” for rounding off nibs for smoother edges, especially if cutting pennies.  Want a nice, accurate, inside corner?  These pointy, curved blades can finish those sharp inside angles to precision.  They are perfect for cutting flower petals and pennies.  The blades are cupped in such a way that it also allows you to clip threads close to your fabric without cutting into your wool appliqué project.   Perfect for smoothing out your frayed edges.  It easily cuts through your fabric and any fusible interfacing/web adhered to the back.


These scissors have one micro-serrated blade and one regular blade.  I mention this because, when cutting, your fabric is pulled into the blade and NOT away (like some scissors)…making for more exact cutting.


These scissors are perfect for all-size hands and have been used in JTD classes.  Your scissors will come with a protective cover making them safe to carry between classes or on road trips.  You’ll wonder how you ever appliquéd without them.  Perfect for both LEFT and Right-handed folks.


Jerome Thomas Designs exclusively uses Karen Kay Buckley's “Perfect Scissors™”.  We love the quality, weight, ergonomic handles, and price.  As my dad used to say, “You have to have the right tools for the right job”.  He was right!


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