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Lavender Sachets - Set of Three

Lavender Sachets - Set of Three

These lovely bags of lavender are a must-have to keep your wools clean and fresh.  Each 3” X 4” bag is full of organic lavender.  They are just the right size to toss into your wool storage bins. You get a set of THREE.  They pack a punch!  Limit no more than 10 sets per order (30 in all).  


Lavender is also a known safe pest control against moths and some other insects that like to feast on and lay their eggs in wool.  Our lavender source grows a top-quality lavender with the HIGHEST fragrance level.  We toss them in our bins just for the subtle, soothing, clean fragrance.  It puts a smile on our face when we open them.  Sachets are made to order to assure freshness and longevity.


Put one by your pillow and let it waft you to sleep.  Makes a great steam facial, too.


Safe, Organic Lavender + Glorious Aroma = Happy, Fresh Wool and Smiles



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