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My Funny Valentine ~ Hand-Dyed

My Funny Valentine ~ Hand-Dyed

Description: Bright and soft pinks and light purple with marbling.  


EXCELLENT quality wool. No selvages.


Quarter Yard cut is approximately 16" X 28". 


Uses: Flowers and more flowers, Valentine projects, and more.


Our hand-dyed felted/fulled wool is excellent for your rug hooking, punching, wool appliqué, penny mats, and other fiber arts projects.  Each piece of hand-dyed JTD wool is dyed in ¼ and ½ yard cuts. This allows batches to be as uniform as possible.  That said, mottling, marbling, and depth of color will vary from batch to batch, but the tones will remain very close.  Also, remember that different monitors/screens may show colors in images that are slightly different.


Jerome Thomas Designs is fortunate to have partnered with an exceptional artist.  Cyndy has been dying wool for over thirty years.  In that time, she has given numerous classes and presented in countrywide shows.  Cyndy is an accomplished rug hooker who has been featured in several national publications. 

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