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15 Notions Tins ~ Great for Classes/Retreats

15 Notions Tins ~ Great for Classes/Retreats

Each vintage-style tin is a treasure.  PERFECT for classes and retreats! These hand-crafted slider tins are built to last a lifetime. Each one is a work of art. They are crafted in small batches with a deluxe, non-toxic hand-poured resin by Steveston BC.  These make EXCEPTIONAL gifts!


Your tin will smoothly slide, click close, and stay closed in your project bag or purse. It gets better! Your tin will have a decorative magnetic card that allows needles, pins, and metal thimbles to attach, eliminating annoying rattling.


Each tin is 3 9/16" long X 2 5/16" wide X 7/16" deep. These tins make a thoughtful gift.  The only tricky part is which one(s) will you choose.


These would pair nicely with one of our hand-crafted PINCUSHIONS.

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