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The Merry Woodsman's Wife

The Merry Woodsman's Wife

By request from customers like you, we introduce "The Merry Woodsman's Wife."  She is, of course, the perfect companion piece to our "The Merry Woodsman" design.  The Merry Woodsman's wife is foraging in the woods, filling her basket with her findings.  It seems a woodland owl and curious bunny are also interested.  This adorable 7" X 9.5" holiday or year-round design is ideal for any nature enthusiast, outdoorsman, or woman. Simple, basic embellishment stitches add nice touches to this piece. 


This multi-faceted design is a perfect ornament for your Christmas tree, indoor wreath, Christmas stocking, decorative hand towel, stitched onto a little pillow, or placed onto a wall pocket. You could even tuck in some stuffing before you stitch the backings together for a delightful bowl filler. It would make a perfect additional touch looped around the neck of a bottle of wine as a gift. It would make a festive doorknob hanger. Its uses are endless. Whatever you decide to do with it, it will most certainly become a memorable keepsake to display yearly.  Picture husband and wife pair side-by-side.


  • Our kit contains all the WOOL you see, including our hand-dyed wools. It ALSO includes the background and backing. Our wool kits come clearly labeled and contain the best quality wool. Your 100% woven wool has already been felted for you. We have done all the prep work to begin tracing and cutting your pieces. 


  • The kit does not include the floss/threads since these are usually the stitcher's personal choices. We will include a floss/thread list if you order a kit. See the OPTIONS menu to purchase.


Add "Place N Trace" to perfectly place your wool pieces before you stitch; click HERE.


Need a fusible, needles, or other notion for your project? Click HERE.




You will receive a clear ziplock bag that includes:

• colored cover page of the design

• easy to follow instructions

• materials list

• actual full-size labeled pattern piece sheets (in reverse for your fusible web)

• actual full-size DESIGN SHEET with labeled pieces to be used as a reference for proper layout.


Thank you so much for checking in. I hope you enjoy my designs as much as I love creating them for you. Please pop by my store again and see what's NEW. 


Copyright © 2023 - Jerome Thomas Designs. All Rights Reserved. The pattern is for personal, non-commercial use only. No part of this pattern may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of Jerome Thomas Designs.

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