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FALL - "The Pumpkin Patch"

FALL - "The Pumpkin Patch"

This curious Bunny Rabbit has found its way into “The Pumpkin Patch."  Autumn’s last bow has our little wanderer amidst the languishing wild rudbeckia and the pumpkins, ripe for nibbling.  Then he spies a sunflower nodding its giant head.  Hmmm, perhaps an even tastier meal?


This 17” X 17” block is a whirl of autumnal colors and is the autumn design of the Bunny Rabbit series.  The warm hues and whimsical nature of the design are sure to put a smile on one’s face.  Our mischievous, furry little friend would make a lovely addition to your home.  This is the Autumn installment of the Bunny Rabbit series.   Collect all FOUR seasons for a stunning, whimsical quilt.


Our wool kits come clearly labeled and contain the best quality wool.  We have some of our own hand-dyed wools in this kit; as such, there will be some variation from the pictures.  Your wool has already been felted for you.   We have done all the prep work for you to begin cutting your pieces.  To collect the wools at the wool shop would cost you nearly double our kit price.  We have to make a close substitution when a wool is discontinued on occasion.


You can add a "Bunny Bundle" to your order.  If you have your own wool stash but would like to purchase only the wool for a bunny(s) from the "Bunny Rabbit Series", then consider this little bundle. Each bundle will give you enough wool to make ONE bunny. You will get warm white, gray herringbone, fawn cream; golden brown; and Italian black. All wool from this mini kit is the original wool from the series. All wool is 100% washed wool and ready to go. This is a great way to have continuity among ALL FOUR bunnies in the series without the need to purchase full kits.


We highly recommend "Place N Trace" for this intricate design.  Add "Place N Trace" to help accurately place your wool pieces before you stitch, Click HERE.


Need a notion, fusible webbing, or threads?  Click HERE.


Contact for WHOLESALE inquiries.


You will receive a clear 9" X 12" ziplock bag which includes:

• colored cover page of the design

• easy to follow instructions

• materials list

• actual full-size labeled pattern piece sheets (in reverse for your fusible web)

• actual full-size DESIGN SHEET with labeled pieces to be used as a reference for proper layout.


Zoom in for close up pictures and details.  This will aid you in choosing the warm wool colors and as a reference to assist you through the project.


Copyright © 2017 - Jerome Thomas Designs.  All Rights Reserved.  The pattern is for personal, non-commercial use only.  Under penalty of law, no part of this pattern may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted by any means, including, photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of Jerome Thomas Designs.

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